Welcome to Eden’s Chambers, Mrs. Chambers and I are really excited to launch this next phase in my life. Eden’s Chambers is a vision of mine that I’d like to share with the world. We love to better ourselves and evolve every trait of our lives.

Reading, research, analysis, and testing are all elements in enriching our lives and the lives of others. That is why we have taken this first step in making this website. There are several aspects we are offering as services on this website; body enhancement, nutrition, and discussion. We believe that engaging members with ourselves and each other will help the community transcend into something more. This website represents phase I of the project. While finances and time are limited we offer our own data mining of the web, journals, and books highlighting our findings with blogs, spreadsheets, links, and newsletters.

Our main feature that we offer is the blog. This blog will represent daily, weekly, or even monthly updates reflecting how our personal transformation is going. We put together monthly Crusades which occur on the 4th-24th of each month. These Crusades highlight what we are improving on in ourselves, our household, or our community. We want to share what we come across and help others experience our growth as individuals.

Throughout my life I have watch, read, or listened to many inspiring people that have made a difference in something small like my life and in larger grander platforms like the world community. These people come from all kinds of venues, such as churches, temples, tv media (i.e. The Colbert Report), TED talks, literature (i.e. Ending Aging by Dr. Aubrey De Grey) and many more. The world changes so fast and our lives are so busy we don’t see what is going on outside of our comfort venues. Our restaurants and bars keep us stimulated with Super Bowls and  World Series, rightfully so. However when do we make the time new and unfamiliar topics? World conflicts plaque our headlines, but progress on disease is kept in scholarly magazines and peer reviewed articles that are so expensive only an enrollment into a university could allow you to afford such a session. In the past, these events were well covered by media and the press, but far less attention was being directed with the sciences and discovery. I remember the first time I heard about The Human Genome Project, it was in October 2007! 17 years after its proposal and 4 years after its completion. This landmark accomplishment and others like it are propelling us to new human potentials and I want to expose my community to them.

I believe Eden’s Chambers will eventually be a major force in helping people achieve their dreams while developing transcending abilities to propel us into a new age.