Eve’s Evolution (fitness consulting for her)

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American Society of Sports Medicine has a new trainer! Meet Eve Chambers

Eve Chambers


I am very passionate about health and well being. I offer programs that will challenge each qualified client to have the opportunity to undergo the transformation I made myself.




Eden's Health

Fuel for gains

Intermittent fasting; At first, fasting was a word I never thought would be incorporated into my eating schedule. However, noticing the gains I’ve had with intermittent fasting is undeniable. This is not for everyone, but it’s certainly a something to try.

Macro nutrients; eating right and healthy diets fail because of a lack of balance in your diet. Tracking your balance of carbs, proteins, and fats is key. I incorporate a ratio of 35% protein, 35 carbs%, and 30 fats% to each day of calorie consumption and it has made a world of difference.

Smart nutrition; cheat days, paleo, and carbo loading have all had their hay days and passed. That’s because these trends, in the long run, have terrible consequences if not properly guided. Most people need, simply put, smarting eating habits.


Eden's supplement

Supplement to keep your gains

Performance enhancement; bulking up, gaining speed, and sculpting all have strong associations with performance enhancements. We all want to be in better physical condition than we currently are. Many athletes and performers operate at peak levels because they manage performance supplements with care and respect. As a trainer It is my responsibility to get you real gains from hard work, but also use the science behind natural enhancements that the athletic community is using to outperform their competition. Many of today’s supplement cater to the female physic without the fear of bulking up.

Longevity; CoQ10, Vitamin D, and phosphatidylcholine are all examples of supplements that are currently on the market and help keep your biological age the same while you get chronologically older. Supplementation is a great way to keep your body young and maintain that figure that you worked so hard for.

Nutrition; many advocate that eating 3 nutritious meals a day should be all you need to get your daily vitamin requirements. However, what might meet the need for some does not meet the need for all. Its hard for anyone to reach their daily omega requirements unless they eat fish with every meal. Supplements allow for variety in foods. Keeping track of your meals makes it transparent what you need to supplement with.


Eden's Transformation

Keep those gains

Confidence booster; getting in better shape is one less thing you have to worry about when you wake up. We all have goals, and every morning we are reminded on the one we wish we paid a little more attention to the night before. Today’s better choices reap tomorrow’s satisfaction

Work hard play hard; being in shape is not only good for self-esteem, but it also generates more positive energy. More focus, drive, and energy not only translate into your professional life, but also your home life, and weekend free time!

Sweet the small stuff; the biggest change Ive noticed with my transformation is the little things that used to annoy me just brush right off. Gain your confidence today!

Start your free consultation today

If your interested in starting your transformation today email me at evechambers105@gmail.com! I look foreword in helping you achieve your goals.