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This picture of me and Dr. Canfield represents a milestone in my life, let me explain. I started my career as an accountant in 2007, but this was a means to and end. I remember watching the new advances in science while I was studying to be an accountant and thought to myself, "this will change the world.". I wanted to immerse myself in this up and coming field of biotechnology. In 2009 I started going back to school and took the quickest route I could find. In 2011 I landed an internship with a company that was on the same campus as Dr. Canfield. Whose that right? Well, Dr. Canfield inspired the character of Dr. Stonehill played by Harrison Ford in Extraordinary Measures. Extraordinary Measures displayed the power of biotechnology on real-world genetic diseases and I was close enough to take a picture. I had reached my goal, but I am far from finished.
Let me be the first to congratulate you in navigating your way to this site. It is my hope and dream to see that you enjoy every aspect of this site. We are an information site dedicated to bettering ourselves and the lives around us. We surround ourselves with books, articles, blogs, videos, and galleries. These venues allow us to learn, digest, and spread wellness and longevity in each person we have contact with. Our growing discipline and awareness of philosophies, scientific discovery, revolutionary ideas, beauty/art/gaming, fitness and diet trends all come together for a cranial recipe no drug can replicate. That might sound like a lot to cover and explore, but you would be surprised how well all these elements come together and form fantastic discoveries! We encourage you to participate in our blog, comment on our discoveries, and challenge us as we challenge you to have an open mind in creating, discovering, and transcending societies expectations.

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